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Clerks of Works & NEC Supervisors

“Ensuring Quality with a Clerk of Works: Professional oversight for all stages of your construction project.”

A Clerk of Works can be an invaluable resource to any construction project, providing professional oversight and quality assurance throughout all stages of the project. By engaging the services of a Clerk of Works, the project’s owner can rest assured that the project is being constructed according to the plans and specifications, while also meeting all applicable building codes, regulations, and safety standards. A certified, experienced Clerk of Works can provide quality assurance during all phases of the project, from material selection to completion. The Clerk of Works will assess the quality of materials being used on the project, ensuring that they meet the specifications of the project and are of suitable quality. They will also inspect the workmanship of contractors, ensuring that the work is being completed to the highest standards, in accordance with the plans and specifications. The Clerk of Works will also keep detailed records of the project, ensuring that all possible issues are documented and addressed in a timely manner.

The Clerk of Works can be an essential ally in ensuring the success of a construction project, providing peace of mind to the project’s owner that their project is being completed with professional oversight and care. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss

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